To reserve a bike, click the desired class time. 

The Booking window opens at 5pm



Sun1.12 Mon1.13 Tue1.14 Wed1.15 Thu1.16 Fri1.17 Sat1.18 Sun1.19
CADENCE CLASSIC Stacy 7:00 AM 45 min
CADENCE CLASSIC Stacy 12:15 PM 45 min

You can reserve classes up to 1 or 2 week(s) in advance (depending on your series). Sunday through the following Sunday.

All bikes are equipped with SPD pedals. Cycling shoes with SPD clips can be borrowed at the reception FREE of charge. Keep in mind that shoes are lent out on a first come first serve basis. If it is your first time riding or you absolutely need shoes be sure to arrive early to secure your size!!! Because there's nothing worse than riding in shoes that are too big or too small. Running shoes and outdoor shoes are not allowed in the indoor cycling area. 


Cancellation can be done up to 6pm the night before the day of your ride. After that time your series will be charged.